Gearbox Repair

Faulty gearbox? The Gearbox Repair team at ES Motors are here to helpGearbox repair

Last November German car giant Volkswagen recalled almost 3 million cars worldwide, including those carrying Audi, Skoda and SEAT badges,
due to faults in the gearbox. 60,000 of them were here in the UK alone including the very popular Golf model. As you can imagine, our gearbox repair team were very busy.

Also, in the UK, 30,000 Volkswagen Tiguans were recalled because the headlights were known to just cut out. However, 800,00 Volkswagen Tiguans were recalled globally that were built between 2008 and 2011. VW replaced the hi-tech synthetic oil with traditional mineral oil. It was one of VW’s biggest recalls in its history. If your gear box is still faulty, our Gearbox repair team can help.

Contact our repair team on 0113 2587235 for our Horsforth service team, and 0113 2689983 for our Moortown team.