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Starting in 1995 in north Leeds, ES motors are a successful family run garage. Providing all types of car servicing and repairs we have developed a reputation for being honest, reliable and hardworking. Whilst also offering a more comprehensive service than main dealers. Being competitively priced also makes us cheaper than main dealers.

We are accredited with both the Retail Motor Industry federation and the Trust My Garage Association. Using our trained technician’s we are able to offer the following services (click on the tabs below to reveal more information):

We never carry out repairs to parts that don’t need to be repaired! This means that you can trust the information we provide to you and will even take the time to talk you through the issues if required. No job is too small and we deal with all manor of issues. Using Manufacturer diagnostics helps us to resolve any issues with your car quickly and efficiently. We can also offer a courtesy car service if required to ensure that you can carry on with your daily routine.

We have two garages based in Leeds please click below to find more information on your nearest garage.

Click here to find out about our Horsforth garage

Click here to find out about our Moortown garage

Both garages specialise in car servicing Leeds and offer the same Excellent levels of repair.

MOT tests are a legal requirement for all cars 3 years or older. An MOT test is an annual test to ensure the vehicle meets the safety requirements of the law. During your MOT test one of our qualified examiners will inspect and examine set elements of your vehicle.

All of our MOT tests are carried out same day and we will do our best to have your car back to you as quickly as possible. After the inspection has been finished you will be presented with either a Pass certificate or a Failure certificate. Both reports will also show any advisory items that we have noted but aren’t failing to meet safety laws.

At ES motors failing and MOT test needn’t be the end of the world, as we are able to provide all the parts and support needed to get your vehicle back on the road again. We carry a large selection of spares and also have relationships with all manufacturers enabling us to repair your vehicle as quickly as possible. Being a family run business we will take the time to answer any questions you may have about the test and its results. This means that we also go the extra mile for ALL of our customers!

You can also plan to have your MOT test taken up to 28 days in advance. We are also able to backdate your MOT certificate so if you do have it tested early you don’t lose any time.

Having a MOT test with ES Motors couldn’t be simpler, we have service centres in Horsforth & Moortown. Please use our contact page to find your nearest garage and book your MOT. Alternatively call our MOT Leeds service team on 0113 2587235 for our Horsforth garage or our Moortown team on 0113 2689983.

Dodgy exhaust? ES Motors can help

What the exhaust does

In order for a car to run, fuel and air must be burned in the combustion chamber, producing at least six different emissions including the extremely harmful gases carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen monoxide. The car exhaust system is responsible for removing these emissions, allowing the car to be safe for driver and passengers as well as the environment. There are two other crucial functions the exhaust system serves. The first is to quiet the loud explosive noises of combustion. The other is to ensure your car is running with the most fuel efficiency. If these are not familiar traits for your exhaust then you might be in need of a exhaust repair.

Potential exhaust problems

Another reason you should get a exhaust repair would be due to rust on your pipes. This is one of the biggest problems the exhaust system faces. With rust comes a greater likelihood of cracked or broken exhaust parts causing an exhaust leak. Areas that use salt on icy roads may increase risk of such problems, as salt causes corrosion. If this is the case, hosing down a car’s bottom every few weeks in the winter months may help. Take care not to over do this however, as continually leaving excess water on the car will also cause rust. If your driving typically involves short trips (less than fifteen miles) or a lot of driving in stop and go traffic, your exhaust system may also be at greater risk of problem because water vapor in the system condenses to water once the car has stopped. If the car has not been running for very long, the pipes are not hot enough to evaporate the water and the condensed water causes rust. Exhaust system leaks can also occur due to cracks from normal usage.

Signs your vehicle needs an exhaust repair

If you smell fumes, it may be an indication that you have an exhaust leak. Roll down your windows to minimise the fumes you are inhaling. It may be best to pull over and contact a mechanic. Hissing or popping noises coming from the exhaust system may also be an indicator of a leak. It could also indicate a muffler that needs replacement. Even if there does not appear to be a problem with your system, it is a good idea to ask your mechanic to look it over when you are in for other repairs or your regular oil change. Remember that the deadly carbon monoxide has no odor, so there may be a leak you are not detecting. Catching a problem early can save lots of money in the long run. A rattling or buzzing noise may indicate that a heat shield around the exhaust pipes or catalytic converter is loose. If you have been noticing less fuel efficiency, it might be an indicator of a malfunctioning oxygen sensor or a plugged catalytic converter. The exhaust system is such a crucial part of cars function and safety so it’s important to take care of any issues quickly.

Problems with your clutch?

How Do You Know If You Need a Clutch Repair?

When the clutch starts getting worn out, the interlocking grooves won’t fit as tightly. This could make it the discs start slipping against each other. This slippage is the most reliable signal that the clutch is in need of some tlc. When this happens, the engine has to turn faster than usual to bring the car up to the desired speed. Drivers can recognise that this is happening if they notice that their RPM gauge is running higher at certain speeds than it normally does. If a car seems sluggish during acceleration, this too could be a symptom of slipping clutch discs and a failing clutch system. If this sounds familiar to you, you might be due for a clutch repair.

What Happens When the Clutch Fails Completely

When the clutch fails out completely, the engine disc will spin freely. Leading to a loss of drive until it finally comes to a halt. If the car is moving at a sustained speed, such as when driving on the motorway, it will gradually lose speed. The brake pedal will still work normally. The accelerator pedal will still cause the engine revs to increase. However it won’t make the car accelerate. Drivers in this situation must act quickly to coast to a safe place to pull over and stop. If the clutch goes out during stop-and-go traffic, the same effect will occur but the driver may have little or no momentum to coast the car to an appropriate place. Once the clutch fails completely, the car will be completely un-drivable until repaired.

We cant give a exact quote for a clutch repair as they are all different and depend on the car you drive. But if you can call or email with your car registration, we can then provide you with a quote to match your car.

Faulty gearbox? The Gearbox Repair team at ES Motors are here to help

Last November German car giant Volkswagen recalled almost 3 million cars worldwide, including those carrying Audi, Skoda and SEAT badges, due to faults in the gearbox. 60,000 of them were here in the UK alone including the very popular Golf model. As you can imagine, our gearbox repair team were very busy.

Also, in the UK, 30,000 Volkswagen Tiguans were recalled because the headlights were known to just cut out. However, 800,00 Volkswagen Tiguans were recalled globally that were built between 2008 and 2011. VW replaced the hi-tech synthetic oil with traditional mineral oil. It was one of VW’s biggest recalls in its history. If your gear box is still faulty, our Gearbox repair team can help.

ES Motors are experts in Air Conditioning

This section hopefully answers any questions you may have, such as how an Air Condition system works. As well as some tips on how to get the best out of your Air Conditioning system.

Firstly, the air conditioning system consists of 7 main items:

  • Condenser
  • Receiver
  • Dryer
  • Compressor
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporator
  • Air conditioning lines

The air conditioning lines condense cold air (works like a radiator), acts as a filter, pump liquid gas through the system, create cold air intake through air vents and transport gas to each system.


The compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. It takes refrigerant as a low pressure gas, pumps it up to a high pressure gas and circulates it into the discharge hose. Compressors are much like little engines. Most of them have pistons, piston rings, a crank shaft and bearings just like a car engine. They need to have oil circulated through them to lubricate all the moving parts. This oil is mixed into and carried with the refrigerant. That is why running an air conditioner without any refrigerant is like running your cars engine without any oil.

Frequently asked questions:

A: • Efficient cool air in summer • Warm dehumidified air in winter easily demists steamed up windows! • Filters pollutants / airborne particles inc pollen helping allergy sufferers! • Pleasant and odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times.

A: The origin of the smell is caused by fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core. The moisture-laden environment is very conducive to the growth of these organisms. As automakers downsize components to save space and weight, this problem has been increased. Because the automakers made the evaporator smaller, they added more fins and packed them closer together to increase the efficiency of the evaporator. While this has made the evaporator more efficient, it has also made it more prone to trap moisture that contributes to the growth of these organisms.

A: The answer to this is ‘yes’ it does, but not by much. But then think of the alternatives. You could have the windows open but that would increase wind resistance which can add up to 10% to your fuel consumption, especially at speed. And don’t forget the extra noise and pollution through that open window. Also, it’s worth pointing out that you should run your air conditioning at least once a week, especially in winter as the seals can seize up through non use potentially costing you more in future in new parts and repair.

A: You’re air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of it’s coolant every year, so a 3 year old car may have lost almost half it’s coolant seriously impacting on the performance of the system and damaging the components involved. You should regularly have the air conditioning systems serviced to reduce wear and tear on the components and help avoid potentially big repair bills.

A: Turn the air conditioning on, ensuring that it’s not set to ‘economy’ mode. When you first get into a hot car, open the windows, ensure that the air vents are set to face level and the system is set up do do the same, not pointed at your feet. Remember cold air falls. Turn the temperature to as low as it will go, and the blower as high as possible. Also make sure that the air is on ‘recirc’ mode and not taking air from outside. Better to cool already cooled air!! When the temperature is more comfortable, close the windows and increase the temperature to a more suitable level as well as decreasing the blower speed. You should also point the air vents upwards to ensuring the cold air flows down again.

Dents Specialists in Leeds

Minor ding or dents?

Have you discovered a minor ding or dent on your car? Well you don’t need to worry! By Working in Partnership with Ace Dentura, our customers will be able to get their dents removed and also have their car serviced all in the same place. Working with Ace Dentura also means all our sales cars come dent free and in the best possible condition.

Ace Dentura’s highly skilled process means that most minor dents, no matter how they happened, can be removed without any need of major repairs or costs. Feel free to look at the Ace Dentura website to see the quality of work that they supply –

To contact our servicing team call our Horsforth service team on 0113 2587235 or our Moortown team on 0113 2689983.