Clutch Repair

Problems with your clutch?

clutch repairHow Do You Know If You Need a Clutch Repair?

When the clutch starts getting worn out, the interlocking grooves won’t fit as tightly. This could make it the discs start slipping against each other. This slippage is the most reliable signal that the clutch is in need of some tlc. When this happens, the engine has to turn faster than usual to bring the car up to the desired speed. Drivers can recognise that this is happening if they notice that their RPM gauge is running higher at certain speeds than it normally does. If a car seems sluggish during acceleration, this too could be a symptom of slipping clutch discs and a failing clutch system. If this sounds familiar to you, you might be due for a clutch repair.

What Happens When the Clutch Fails Completely

When the clutch fails out completely, the engine disc will spin freely. Leading to a loss of drive until it finally comes to a halt. If the car is moving at a sustained speed, such as when driving on the motorway, it will gradually lose speed. The brake pedal will still work normally. The accelerator pedal will still cause the engine revs to increase. However it won’t make the car accelerate. Drivers in this situation must act quickly to coast to a safe place to pull over and stop. If the clutch goes out during stop-and-go traffic, the same effect will occur but the driver may have little or no momentum to coast the car to an appropriate place. Once the clutch fails completely, the car will be completely un-drivable until repaired.

We cant give a exact quote for a clutch repair as they are all different and depend on the car you drive. But if you can call or email with your car registration, we can then provide you with a quote to match your car.

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